What a year to be alive!

Never has a saying been so true after the year we’ve all experienced and whilst there have been some incredibly challenging times, I am always grateful for my good health and that of my friends, family, and clients.

I’m not a fantasists that believes on the 1st January the world will be back to ‘normal’ and will have corrected itself, but I do believe that you need closure to dust to yourself off and come back with renewed vigour. This is my approach to the New Year and why I am enjoying supporting a lot of clients with the same mentality, helping them get ready to comeback into 2021 with everything squared away and to be prepared as much as possible for the upcoming months.

COVID19 has disrupted our lives and businesses… including mine. But now, we have the opportunity to protect our livelihoods as much as possible until the vaccine is released, and we can go back to more predictable times. I am here to help with this.

The resilience of small businesses throughout the past year has been awe inspiring, the reactions to closure, the diversifications and comebacks have left me nothing short of inspired, something positive I will take from the year. Which is why with my own business, I am also consistently striving to ensure I am offering the most useful services at the most competitive pricing. East Anglian Business Solutions has now more than ever become an extension to my clients team, so I can be just as reactive with them in ensuring we take a collaborative approach to any challenges. Just continue to read the newsletter to find out about some of the services and how they can help you.

With all this in mind, I just want to thank each and everyone one of you for the support over the year, even if it was just liking my posts on social media. If anyone wants to have a friendly chat (over Zoom or a social distance coffee), to find out if I can extend my services to help your business, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Finally, whilst it is not our standard Christmas, I do send you all my best wishes and hope the family time, however it looks, brings you much joy.

Stay very safe.


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