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Business Cash Advance

A business cash advance is a short to medium term, unsecured loan. It is ideal for businesses which may need funds quickly to invest or resolve short term cash flow issues. Business cash advances have become very popular among small & large businesses in the UK.

Unsecured business loans are suitable for business owners offering access to finance quickly, normally within 72 hours. It enables the small business owner to undertake development, purchase stock, settle unexpected bills or any other business need you may have.

If your business generates a significant portion of their revenue from its card payment terminals then a fast flexible merchant cash advance could be just what your business needs to take it to the next level. Repayments are based on your credit & debit future sales, which means you only pay back when you sell to your customers.

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Quick restaurant funding, ready to go

Whether you’re branching out to new premises, investing in a top chef or covering a quiet period, restaurant loans can help establishments like yours keep putting food on the table. At Liberis, we’ve been supporting UK businesses since 2007 – and our food industry finance solutions could be the right answer for you.

The number of UK restaurants has grown by 2.5% in the past five years – yet tough competition, low staff retention and high failure rates can make it difficult for restaurant owners to access traditional funding. Learn how our business loan alternative – a Business cash advance – could help your establishment get a share of the pie.

Pub loans

Although the pub and bar sector remains one of the largest and most successful in the UK, recent times have certainly been challenging.

It has been reported that over the last five years, the amount of pubs operating in the UK has dropped by 15.9%, while data from the British Beer and Pub Association shows that number to have been falling steadily since 2001. According to the Campaign for Real Ale, 18 pubs are closing each week, but what are the reasons for this pattern?

In the last 10 years, beer prices have risen exponentially, chain establishments have expanded and supermarkets are offering cut-price alcohol. On top of that, the economic downturn has reduced the amount of leisure spending available among some demographics.

All of these factors have affected pub and bar businesses across the nation and we understand that you, as a landlord, will have experienced the ups and downs of pub ownership. (As we have done ourselves!)

We also know that investing, innovating and staying ahead of the competition is essential to maintaining success. Due to the seasonal nature of the trade, many owners may have been turned down by traditional lenders, such as banks, for pub business loans. Not securing precious pub finance when you need it can be incredibly damaging to your business’ progress.

However, if you have been denied a pub loan by the bank, we offer an alternative solution in the form of a Business cash advance.. With us, pay back is in line with your income, making it the perfect solution for anyone working in a seasonal industry like the pub trade.

Retail finance options to grow your small business

Do you own a retail business? Whether you run a gift shop or fashion boutique, a toy store or furniture outlet, you might need a financial boost now and then to balance your cash flow or to help your business grow.

We provide retail finance options to help your business flourish, and these have been created with small businesses such as yours in mind. As well as being a useful way to secure funding, a cash advance from us is an ideal alternative to a bank loan. Plus, we can give you quick access to the funds you need.

If you’ve only recently set up your retail business or you’ve not had to research alternative funding before, this might be the first time you’ve come across dedicated retail finance options. To find out more about the solutions we offer, read on and discover what’s available to you when you choose Liberis.

Business loans for salons

According to the Beautiful Britain Survey 2015, after a difficult few years for the salon sector, it’s seeing some encouraging signs of growth. But while customers still want to look and feel good, they’re shopping around for best value and are using the internet and social media to help them

Customer loyalty is fragile, so it will be the salons that stay price competitive, customer focused and marketing savvy that will gain and maintain customers. But enticing customers through the door requires investment in marketing, particularly website and social media as well as facilities, interior and exterior décor and, of course, the very latest equipment.

A study by Mintel shows that if you can get a customer in for one treatment, they’re more likely to book another on the day or in the future. Do you have the right staffing levels, treatment facilities and equipment so that you don’t have to turn away business? Once a customer goes elsewhere, it’s hard work to get them back.

Your first point of call for business finance might be the bank, but what if you are turned down or have been refused capital previously? Don’t let this be a setback to your business goals. A business cash advance could be your best option.

Get a business loan for your hotel or bed & breakfast

There are over 45,800 hotels in the UK and an estimated three quarters of those are independently run businesses. This figure includes branded chain hotels, bed and breakfast accommodation and serviced budget rooms. And despite the government’s concerns of a European slowdown in economic recovery, the hotel sector is predicted to grow.

Although the hospitality sector is booming, it’s seasonal and sometimes unpredictable which means that traditional funders like banks aren’t always keen to lend.

That’s why we’ve built a finance product around your business to help you grow or just plug a seasonal cash flow gap.


Before you come to us for your business finance, we appreciate you’ll want to know a little more about our Business Cash Advance and how it can work for you when it comes to easing your cash flow issues or financing a bar purchase. That’s why we’ve put together this list of Frequently Asked Questions to give you clarity on our offering and how it can boost your business.

How does a cash advance differ from a loan?

A Merchant Cash Advance is the purchase of your business future credit card receivables at a discount. There is no interest charged and there is no fixed payback period. An MCA is paid back daily with a percentage of each credit card sale going to pay the MCA. An MCA works with your business cash flow needs in mind. If your business has a slow season or a slower month, you still pay a percentage of your credit card sales in this case a smaller amount as a result of lower sales. Because a percentage is automatically paid daily there are no due dates to remember and you can go do what you do best which is run a successful business.

How much will my business qualify for?

A business will typically qualify for up to 150% of their monthly credit and debit card turnover. Business owners do not realise that their future credit card sales are an asset even before the sale is made.

How quickly can my business be approved and funded?

Our merchant cash advances are speedy for a reason – business owners don’t have much time to go through paperwork and wait for a decision.

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